Chocolat Ammann AG

Theodor Ammann crated a success story known world-wide as the Mohrenkönig with only 5,000 francs of borrowed money.

After World War II times were not easy at all however, Theodor Ammann was inventive and creative. He rationalised the manufacture of biscuits, white and brown  chocolate bars, Easter bunnies and many other sweet temptations with second hand and partially self-constructed machines. This was  the beginning of  his ongoing successes.

It all started in the basement of his Konolfingen home over sixty years ago and gradually grew from the one-man enterprise into the now leading largest production of Swiss Whips. Today it is run by the second generation of the Ammann family in Heimberg, in the Bernese Oberland.

Ammanns Mohrenkönig Swiss Product
Ammanns Mohrenkönig ISO 9001